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Woolworths Group

Brand identity, Signage, Motion


Australia + New Zealand

Creating a new brand for Woolworths Group meant distilling an incredibly far-reaching Group of businesses into a design solution that is clear, meaningful and distinct. From retail logistics and analytics to payment technology and mobile plans, each business in the Woolworths Group needed to be brought together under a single brand.
The power of ‘We’

The lines of the new Woolworths Group logo were inspired by ripples, with each moving outward creating consecutive waves of impact. The lines also create a series of ‘W’ shapes, nodding to the Woolworths Group name and the deeper focus on ‘we’.
The new Woolworths Group logo is complemented by a completely new design system including a bespoke typeface, a vibrant and energetic colour palette and fresh tone of voice.
Custom typeface
Inline with the development of the new Woolworths Group brand ID a bespoke typeface has been developed. Better Sans’s unique charactoristics of the typeface links back to the brand idea of collective impact. Two custom forms of Better Sans allow for expressive and conservative expressions of the typography to allow for flexibility across all types of brand communications.
Applying the new brand style to printed materials. Bringing to life the Better Together ethos. Developing an illustration style was also a vital part of the system as illustrations can visually articulate topic in an easy and digestible way.
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