Davina Milne

Designer + Creative

Open Haus TVC



This was my first TVC concept chosen by Audi Australia to be made for their annual Open Haus Event.

Open Haus is a long running and well-established campaign that is held in high regard
by the organisation as well as the Dealer network.

Playing on idea of ‘open’.
We show a series of tightly cropped, match cut, quick cuts of
things opening. To build a sense of urgency, the cuts will be
slower in the beginning and speed up as the scenes progress.
An eye opens. Curtains open. Big warehouse doors begin to open.
A sheet is removed, unveiling the abstract lines of an Audi. A mouth
opens, in awe. We cut back to the warehouse doors opening a little
more. A hand opens and keys are dropped in. The sun roof begins to
open. We cut back to the warehouse doors, which are now fully open.
We reveal the Audi, in all its glory. We cut back to the hand, pushing
the button on the key. We hear a ‘beep beep’ and the LED lighting
ignites while the side mirrors open.



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