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about me


Back in the day

In the early years my father (who worked with Ove Arup at the time) taught me how to draw, paint and introduced me to architecture and photography. My mother channeled her inner spirit animal Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and was extremely creative and cared deeply about the garden-to-plate transition. Her innovate and wacky culinary skills were out of this world! From my early artistic and creative influences I naturally gravitated towards art and design at school, then I went on to studying graphic design at university. I’ve been a graphic designer ever since and I love it!


Food and design is what I love and being able to combine two of my greatest passions is what drives me to do what I do. I’m particularly fond of how businesses use sustainable produce and how this impacts on agriculture, the environment and it’s local community. Customers are more aware than ever about where their food comes from. They’re more demanding and knowledgeable and know what’s good for them, unicorns and the environment. It’s more to do with the why a company does what it does rather than the what.

I can help profit your business by:
  • Reviewing the position of your company amongst it’s competitors
  • Highlighting and communicating your brands uniqueness to customers
  • Developing and exploring new strategies to bring awareness to your business
  • Creating designs that excite, communicate and strengthen your brand

The girls got skills!
Riding Unicorns
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